Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Cutie Clothes Cushion

I had had this idea for a while but was not sure if it would work or not.
I have brought a child's small t-shirt from the charity shop and turned it into a cushion!
The t-shirt was girly and pattern which was great to give the cushion some colour. I sewed up the bottom on the t-shirt and sewed up the inner part of the arms and stuffed it with filler. I wasn't sure whether to fill the arms also or leave them as they were. To stop all the stuffing coming out I stitched up the collar and buttoned shoulder.
The arms didn't look right without the stuffing so they too were stuffed.
I think this will be a great idea for someone with small children. We all know that children outgrow their clothes before they have had their full wear and with some children's clothes costing a lot it seems a shame to have to give them away or store them in a box.
Why not turn that cute top or dress into a cushion which they can treasure forever?
Please get in touch if you would like your children's clothes to be turned into cushions.

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Kiki Polglase said...

Well done, Klara! When you bought the lovely little T-shirt I could not quite follow your imagination - the finished product is sooo cute! Just the sort of comforter or sentimental memento one sometimes needs...x