Monday, 21 June 2010

A very greyhound weekend

What a weekend the hounds and I had.
On Saturday we were in Formby Village doing a street collection. We were the only ones that turned up so stayed for 4 hours before calling it a day. My friend Rob came along with lunch and took some lovely photos of the hounds. We raised £58 which is not bad. The hounds had a great time but Mimi started to get tired towards the end. It is so hard being a diva. Milo was a bit shy at first but once he realised people were there to give him cuddles he was happy.
One man walked past and heard Milo doing his silly whinnying and came back to put a pound in the tin. I don't know if it was out of sympathy or to shut Milo up.
Sunday was the Great British Greyhound Walk. I was a bit worried about this event and was not really sure how many people were going to turn up. I had a panic attack the night before when it was pointed out to me that I had put the wrong postcode on the posters!! It was Rob to the rescue again and offered to stay at the wrong postcode address and tell people the correct location of the event, thanks Rob.
As soon as I got to the beach there were greyhounds already there waiting. Over the next hour or so 61, yes 61 greyhounds and their owners arrived. What a sight! We did a little walk along the beach but as the weather was really hot we didn't go too far. Some of the hounds were allowed a run and got covered in mud. I am glad Milo and Mimi stayed on their leads as I would hate to have put them back in the car covered in mud.
We had a raffle which raised £76, this money will go towards helping other greyhounds find their forever homes.
A lot of people were asking when the next walk will be, looking at Milo and Mimi I think they will want to wait a few more weeks before we have a weekend like that again.

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House of Zed said...

Hi Klara ~

Please let me know the next time you have a group Greyhound walk, or if you need help with a street collection ... I'm just at the other end of the Formby Bypass in Ainsdale! I have two greyhounds, a lurcher, and a tubby mongrel!