Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Alan Dart Knitting Patterns

Just had a lovely customer in the shop looking for things with a farmyard theme. She has her own rare breed chickens and is doing a show in Wales and she wanted some items to go on her table. I showed her my knitted chicks I make for the charity which are stuffed with 'bath bombs'. She bought all 7 of them and told me about this lovely website by a designer called Alan Dart.
I have had a look at his website and the designs are fab! Whether you are a dog lover or into fairy magic there is a little something for everyone. You buy the patterns on line in a PDF using Paypal and there are reasonably priced. You can use some of the patterns to knit for charity sales. I just love them all and don't know where to start. My knitting skills are not that good so I think I will start with something that looks 'easy'.

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