Thursday, 27 May 2010

Peace Snoods

I have been knitting away even with this hot weather. I love knitting these snoods for the greyhounds. We sell them for the charity to help raise funds while our greyhounds look tres chic. With me being a bit of a 'hippy' I thought it would be good to past this on to the greyhounds. The colours are in the chakra theme and with my greyhounds being black the colours really stand out.
Normally Mimi likes wearing the snoods but I thought I would try in on Milo. He is not a big fan on the 'dressing up' unless it is a coat to keep warm. He really liked the snood but wouldn't stand still when I wanted to take his photo. Mimi felt she was missing out and tried to get in on the photos, she is such a diva.
I am really enjoying knitting these snoods. Hopefully we will have a good stock pile for the cold weather. It does seem strange knitting snoods in this warm weather but I think I have lots of time before the cold weather comes back.


Kiki Polglase said...

Very jolly! PLEASE keep knitting but PLEASE do not mention cold weather again! x

Cass said...

Are there matching leg warmers? LOL. Just added you to my fave blog list.