Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What a weekend!

What a busy weekend me and the happy hounds had.
The shop was busy on Saturday with lots of people coming and going. I did sit outside for a bit but got sunburnt!
Sunday we were off to Warrington to a charity event at a school fair. It was only 25 mins away, so I loaded up the car with GRWE stuff and my hounds and off we went. Matt who was organising the event had given me the postcode for the school which I looked up on multi map. It was a bit quite when I got to the school so I phoned Matt who informed me that I was at the wrong school! Milo and Mimi were not happy and let me know this. To make a long story short Matt had to come and rescue me as my A-Z didn't have the road the new school was on. Our 25 min journey turn into 90 mins.
Once we were there and all the 'hello's' had been said (people and dogs) we sat down for a lovely day. It was abit too hot for the dogs at times but they found the shade, this involved Mimi trying to get under the table, good thinking!!
I had two very tired hounds that evening but a good day was had by all.
I am spending today knitting snoods for the dogs but don't worry they are for the Winter not this time of year. I am a slow knitter.

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